I began working with Shannon as a bride-to-be in October 2018. As I prepared for our wedding, I unsurprisingly had set ideals about a dress size and goal weight.  Shannon was kind to listen and understand this during our intake, but she quickly guided me toward goals of feeling stronger, kickboxing with a heavier set of weights, and most importantly, loving my body. On our wedding day, and in the months that have followed, I have remained grateful to Shannon for reminding me that my worth and my health are not centered in the sizes or the scale but in the joys of moving my body, upholding nutrition, and seeking challenge.

When the pandemic began and gyms closed, I was overjoyed to have an opportunity to train virtually with Shannon. The weekly check-ins provide accountability and troubleshooting support for workouts, meal planning, and overall wellness. She is a creative mastermind of workouts, which are physically challenging, utilize both body weight and equipment, and remain oriented toward my wellness goals. She has walked alongside me as a constant support and guide and helped me to continually recenter and refocus.  My hope is that others allow Shannon to be as much a blessing to them as she has been and continues to be for me.

Rachel Salz - virtual client since June 2020